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She looked like a she but then she was a he

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She looked like a she but then she was a he

Post by Shortstakes on Sat Dec 22, 2012 6:37 am

sexing young betta is so very hard to do. A few months back I bred a white veiltail with a red plakat female. Surprisingly I got a bunch of blue, green and all sorts of pretty colors. At about 3 months old not one of them even reached an inch in length compared to the first time I bred a different pair. They were so small I really couldn't tell male from female.

Anyhow, I went ahead and picked out the ones I liked best. I put a few in pickle jars, vases, pretty much any container that was least half a gallon or more. I had some housed in split tanks. One of my little split tank had a slot open for another fish, so what do I do? I buy a crowntail that was probably the same age as my deltas. Put him in the empty slot. I thought the one I had in the middle was a female. So after 3 weeks of separation I removed the divider and introduced the two. No fighting happened at all.

Even now with a female in with them the two do not fight. But they will "tag team" my older male when I put him in their tank. The older male is protected by the divider of course. I now have about 3 of these small 2 gallon tank with pairs of males that will not fight each other. I'm thinking it's due to the long exposure to eachother that they've just lost interest in attacking the other. Mind you they will try to attack any unfamiliar male if I set his tank or jar next to theirs.

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