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Another order arrived

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Another order arrived

Post by Nataliey on Fri Feb 04, 2011 2:07 pm

I ordered more bettas from Maidenhead aquatics last time i was there (when i picked my dragon pair up) i had on order a solid black hm female, a yellow ct female and a gold female.

Well today i got the call id been waiting for that the bettas had arrived and i can go pick them up when im ready...altho there was a little hic~up Suspect

As the order is from Indonesia, Maidenhead wirte down what they want and send it to them, the lady who rang me thinks that they didnt really understand the colours!

Well the solid black female is gorgeous apparently but the yellow female and gold female are not the colours i asked for but RED

I said i didnt mind and they are reserved for me until i see them, im going to keep the others on order and hopefully they'll get it right next time, lol!!

Im picking them up the weekend of the 12th Feb so il post photos when they arrive :D

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